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66 Love Letters - The Conference

Saturday, 9:00am - 4:30pm

66 Love Letter, From God to You
A Day of Teaching with Dr. Larry Crabb

What does a life that God is changing look like?
What is its beauty?
Is it a pretty life of things going well and feeling good?
OR is it a beautiful life of loving well no matter how I feel?
How will hearing God speak to you in His love letters change your life?
How will it change mine?
Do I want my life changed the way He wants it changed?

These are questions worth asking.

The life that God changes is rarely pretty but always beautiful. Our Lord’s death was not pretty. It was unspeakably and horrifically ugly. But it was beautiful, a portrait of the beauty of holy love.

It is that beauty that is revealed in a life changed by God.

Join Dr. Larry Crabb as he opens God’s love letters (the 66 books in the Bible) to hear God tell His story and to hear His Spirit tell us how to live His story by being spiritually formed to relate like Jesus.

Hope Chapel Maui
300 E Welakahao, Kihei, Hi. 96753
Friday, June 24, 7-9pm (Bonus-Optional) EVENT COMPLETED
Saturday, June 25, 9am-4:30pm EVENT COMPLETED

COST: complimentary.
* Bring one can per person of fruit or vegetables to benefit the Maui Food Bank.
* An opportunity to make a donation in lieu of a fee will occur that day.

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