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66 Love Letters: Reviews

First Review—Publishers Weekly

Psychologist and author Crabb (Connecting) serves up what could be his magnum opus, combining his passions for Bible teaching, counseling, and people healing one another in communities. Written as an ongoing dialogue between the author and God about the 66 books of the Bible, Crabb uses first person for both voices, taking to the nth degree the common idea that the Bible is a love letter from God. The author's persona progressively learns deeper truths about God's love from each "letter," or book, of the Bible. Through the voice of God, Crabb takes on today's culture and Christian subculture. Section introductions and 66 summary paragraphs at the end tie all together well. The book addresses much for what skeptics ask but will serve Christians who have ignored or conveniently overlooked the arc of the Bible story and chosen a chirpy version of Christianity that Crabb calls "good enough Christianity." His psychological and biblical perspective and decades of experience give the otherwise presumptuous attempt at voicing God credibility.

—Publishers Weekly, January 2010

Review—Love Letter Living Group Begins!

God used 66 Love Letters to wash waves of His love over me during a difficult time.

I'm moving slowly through the book and allowing the Spirit to highlight what He wishes in each book and letter.

I have appreciated your deep honesty and integrity as you have struggled to hear from God and tell him what is in your inner core being.

I meet with a group of women. The plan for this year is to have a LOVE LETTER LIVING GROUP! Each week we would meet having read a "letter" from your book and the same letter in God's Word. As we gather, we would have conversation relating to what we feel God is speaking to US from that particular love letter, basically encouraging each person to listen to God speak to THEM though the Word. Also dialog would center around what the Trinity spoke to you.

Love Letters is filled with grace and truth...WONDERFUL!

—Sharen from Rockford, MI

Review—Hear HIS story in our hearts

The reason that I'm writing today is to say that I'm enjoying your new book, "66 Love Letters." Larry, there is such an anointing on this book. I have only read the prologue thus far but I wept all the way through it (at 2:00 am this morning). I understand it isn't the WORD OF GOD, but I believe God's Spirit directed every word on the pages. Thanks for your obedience in sharing what God is speaking to you so that we all can hear HIS STORY in our hearts a little better as well.

—David from Lakeland, FL

Review—All the pieces together

Larry Crabb, author of Finding God and Inside Out, examines the Bible as the story of God in 66 Love Letters. Written in first person as if God were speaking, Crabb boils down each book of the Bible into a sentence or two, then unpacks each sentence in a chapter, putting all of the pieces together in the epilogue.

—Christian Retailing, January 2010, Books and Bibles-BookBeat

Review—A Grand Love Story

In a fresh look at Scripture, Dr. Larry Crabb offers a view of the Bible as a grand love story—from God to His people. “With fresh impact, I realized God was telling a story, a love story, that begins in chapter 1, continues for sixty-four chapters, and reaches its climax in chapter 66,” he writes.

—CBA Retailers+Resources, January 2010

Review—Excited and Fearful

I want to thank Dr. Crabb for writing this book; it is exactly where I am in my spiritual walk and I am excited and fearful at the same time to take the journey that lies ahead. I am always so afraid that I won't hear God speak, which is a lie that has kept me only engaging in the Word of God from a distance. I told myself it was better to not get too close than to desire to hear the voice of God and He not speak. Thank you for your honesty in the forward and the encouragement to press on. I am so tired of being wrapped up in my own pitiful story and missing the Great Story that God has to tell. Thank you!!

—Roslind from Charlotte, NC


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