NewWay Ministries
- Solid Rock Foundation -
Dear Friends,
It is hard to believe that I have been a part of the NewWay Ministries team for almost 4 years.  Over those years it has been a privilege and honor to be discipled by Larry; to study under his teaching and leadership; to experience his authenticity; and to know that he believes so strongly that nothing we say or do has any weight if it isn't rooted in Scripture. I can only imagine that many of you have experienced much of what I speak of first hand; if not, then through his writings.  It is because of his strong commitment to the Word of God that I believe our ministry foundation has been laid on solid rock.  
Today, our desire is to build that same rock solid foundation financially.  Funds generated by our ministry activities cover only a small portion of our expenses.  As the economy continues to challenge us, we believe this is the time to build and secure our financial foundation in a way that will have immediate impact on our longevity and yet not burden any one donor.  We would like to know that our message and finances are built on a solid foundation that no storm of life can destroy.
With that said I would like to ask 750 of you to donate $25 per month to secure our monthly operating expenses. We have been greatly blessed with special project donations but are in need of funds to cover the 'so called' less glamorous monthly expenses such as salaries, office, and day to day operating expenses.  We do realize that some may be able to donate more, some less; we leave that up to you. Know that every dollar has impact.
While this was a brief but to the point note, written perhaps awkwardly, it was written from a heart that believes we are making a difference and therefore desires to see it continue. Our vision is to see at least 750 of you help lay this solid financial foundation that will allow Larry and the NewWay Ministries team to carry this message forward and into the lives of many for years to come.  
Please go to our website to set up a monthly electronic funds transfer or use your personal preference for a monthly investment. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.
I look forward to keeping you updated on this online giving opportunity.  Please do lift up a prayer that many would feel called to invest in us and realize the importance and value that $25 will have on our ministry!
In Him Only,
Andi Sawin
Director of Operations and Conferences
NewWay Ministries and Dr. Larry Crabb
432 Salt Lick Circle
PO Box 393
Silverthorne, CO 804398
970.262.9110 (office)
970.468.9696 (fax)

Please note:  NewWay Ministries is a 501(c-3) so you will receive a year end tax deduction receipt.