NewWay Ministries
Weekend of Oneness
A Marriage and Relationship Conference
June 20-21, 2008
Mariners Church - Irvine, CA
Refresh. Repair. Refuel. Restore. 
How non-defensive and open are you to exploring the obstacles
to intimacy that you bring into your relationships?
Experience a Weekend of Oneness and discover how you can build or prepare for a loving, more intimate marriage - the way God designed it.

Larry will help individuals or couples from every point on the marriage spectrum explore obstacles that can get in the way of intimacy and teach us how a growing, completely honest relationship with Christ can bring us closer to our spouse.

We encourage you to consider this Weekend of Oneness, wherever you are on your marriage journey:

Singles thinking about marriage
Engaged couples
Newlyweds wanting to build a firm foundation
Married couples seeking to enrich their marriage
Couples seeking healing in their marriage whether together, separated or divorced

 June 20-21 (Fri., 7pm-9:30pm and Sat., 8:30am-12:45pm)
COST: $25.00 pp until June 3, $35.00 after

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