WOO Weekend Opens Up

2008 Revised Dates


2008 Revised Calendar

* Notes a change

  WOO Weekend  Colorado Springs, CO  Feb. 14-17

MOM and POP (2)  Weekend

(Age 13-25)

Colorado Springs, CO

March 27-30


School Of Spiritual Direction

Colorado Springs, CO

April 18-25


* MOM and POP (1)  Weekend 

(Age 0-12) 

Colorado Springs, CO

May 1-4


Life on the Narrow Road Conference,


Toronto, Canada,  

Date TBD


School Of Spiritual Direction

The Cove in Ashville, NC

June 6-13


*  Mariners Church

Marriage Weekend

Irvine, CA

June 20-21


*  School Of Spiritual Direction

Colorado Springs, CO

August 16-23


Life on The Narrow Road Conference 


Orlando, FL

Sept. 25-27


School Of Spiritual Direction

Colorado Springs, CO

October 3-10


*  NextStep SSD 

(SSD Alumni -Only)

Colorado Springs, CO

Nov. 7-14


Note: All Colorado Springs, Co locations are held at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center

WOO Weekend Opens Up January 7! 


A Note From Larry


As most of you know NewWay Ministries is offering a WEEKEND of ONENESS (a WOO Weekend) for married couples willing and eager to enter the real battle for intimacy, with all its obstacles and possibilities.  This weekend (Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch) will be held at the beautiful Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Let me be upfront and clear about my intentions.  I want to produce a two-part DVD series on marriage for use with individual couples in their homes, in small group settings or Sunday School type formats.  Part 1 will be a series of presentations on "entering the battle for intimacy" delivered conference style to a large group.  I envision Part 2 as a much more interactive time, much like a small group, involving live, unscripted conversation with couples as they aim toward the intimacy God designed.


This first WOO Weekend is a pilot experience.  We will do no videotaping.  It is rather designed to give me a chance to think through the best way to engage couples for teaching purposes on their journey towards closeness.  If things go as I expect, we will schedule a second WOO Weekend for videotaping conversations that will become Part 2 of the marriage curriculum. 


Because this first WOO weekend is a pilot, we have kept the cost down.  I do expect, however, that the days we spend together will be deeply meaningful and healing for all who attend.  I'll lead our way through an honest, deeply personal, thoroughly biblical and , for many, perhaps a paradigm-changing 4 day weekend.


We are accepting only 15 couples.  Dates for applying and application procedures are listed later in this announcement.  We anticipate receiving far more applications than we can accept, so our application dates and procedures will of necessity be precise and rather rigid.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Hope to see you at the Glen over Valentine's Day for the exciting new venture of NewWay Ministries.


Info From Andi-


WOO Application Details! 

  • The actual application can be found on our website (www.newwayministries.org) just after the Holidays. In an effort to give you a jump start on the application process I have included some important information and the three questions each applicant is required to answer (see below).
  • No applications will be accepted prior to Friday, January 7 at 9a.m. MST. (No Exceptions)
  • The cost for the 4-day retreat is $935.00 per couple and includes lodging, meals and tuition. Transportation to/from the Glen is the responsiblilty of each couple.


Should we apply for the WOO Weekend?

IF:        you are willing and eager to honestly explore both the obstacles getting in the way of deep intimacy in your marriage and the potential for intimacy available exclusively through the resources of Christ.


IF:        you are passionately hungry to move beyond a "good-enough" marriage.


IF:        you can affirm that you are irrevocably committed to your spouse as your life long partner, a commitment that would only be broken by your spouse's failure to keep a similar commitment.


IF:        you agree that the deep intimacy you desire requires a growing, completely honest relationship with Christ; a mystical dependence on the Spirit's empowering and leading; and a longing to bring pleasure to the Father at any cost to yourself.


What are the Qualifications for Applying?

You must resonate with the four "IF's" listed above.

You must be married at least 5 years.

You must read The Marriage Builder and Shattered Dreams and be in general sympathy with (defined as no clear opposition to) the point of view expressed in these books. Connecting is recommended reading, but not necessary.   

You must be willing to meaningfully open yourself to the Spirit's work in a long weekend format.


What Next?

Listed below is the application procedure for the WOO Weekend. In addition you will find the 3 questions each of you are required to answer. This jumpstart will better prepare you for the January 7 start date.

Procedure for Application (3 steps)

1.   Each spouse is requested to answer the following questions separately (1-3 paragraphs per question-no longer please).

  • How would you rate the over-all health of your marriage on a scale of 1 to 10.  1: on the brink of divorce, and 10: as satisfying as possible this side of heaven? 
  • How non-defensive and open are you to exploring the obstacles to intimacy that you bring into your marriage, on a scale of 1 to 10.  1: I do not see that whatever problems we have are my fault in any way. 10: we both have faults, but I am committed to exploring the obstacles to our intimacy within me, knowing my ultimate goal is not to enjoy a good marriage but to be a good spouse.  Also include a statement of your willingness to keep no secrets from a trusted third party as you pursue intimacy with your spouse.
  • What is your understanding of the difference your relationship with Christ and your obedience to biblical truth can make in you marriage?

2.    We ask that you provide us the names and contact info of two couples who agree to pray for you as you engage in the application process and, should you be accepted, will pray for you during the entire weekend retreat.  Please include their name and individual email addresses on the application form provided for you online.

3.    Complete the actual on-line application form when available, printing the application, and sending it with the above information via fax 303.670.3015 or mail (see below for address)

REMINDER-DO NOT send in your applications prior to Friday, January 7, 9a.m. MST they will not be reveiwed.


Did you notice that the NextStep and SSD dates have changed??


Do you want to review past newsletters or notes? Go to our website and click on 'Join the Journey' then 'Archive'.


For addititonal information or questions please contact:

Andi Sawin, Director of Operations and Conferences

4887 Silver Spruce Lane, Evergreen, CO 80439                  

303.670.9900 (p) 303.670.3015 (f) www.newwayministries.org  (w) andi@newwayministries.org(e)