NewWay Ministries
Foundations for Spiritual Formation
Hard Questions. Honest Community. Real Change.
June 14, 2008
The Billy Graham Training Center, Asheville, NC

Wherever people gather, in families, over lunch, in small groups, good things happen when people share a common language as they talk about life.




Asking the hard questions that God has already answered opens the door to a NEWWAY to live, think and relate.


Question 1:       Who is God?

Question 2:       What's He Up To?

Question 3:       Who Are We?

Question 4:       What's Gone Wrong?

Question 5:       What's God Done About It?

Question 6:       What's the Spirit Doing Now?

Question 7:       How Can We Cooperate?


Listening to God answer these seven questions will give you a COMMON LANGUAGE for talking with others about things that matter. Building a foundation based on a common language leads to honest community. As people learn to dialogue in this common language:


                             -families thrive

                             -friendships deepen

                             -churches unite

                             -small groups come alive with transforming power                               -memories heal

                             -futures brighten


Becoming like Christ is the key to real change.  As God's answers to these questions reveal the good story He is telling, we see new beauty in ugly places. We yearn to know God in our unfixed life more than we want God to fix our lives.  We never give up, clinging to hope in the darkest night.  We begin to resemble Jesus. We become spiritually formed!


Join Larry as he shows how God's answers to the seven most important questions you will ever ask can open up a NEWWAY to live in this difficult world, a NEWWAY to think about everything that happens to you, and a NEWWAY to relate that will lay the foundation for a common language that will spread the fragrance of Christ into a world desperate for God.


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June 14 (10am-5pm), The Billy Graham Training Center, Asheville, NC.
COST: $99.00 pp.

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