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School of Spiritual Direction Statement

About NextStep School of Spiritual Direction

This weeklong NextStep SSD, open only to 30 SSD grads, focuses on translating the teaching of SSD into conversations that matter, through modeling, critique of conversations, and supervision. This will be a more experiential than didactic time, a week of intensive and personal interaction in community.

What is the ‘next step’ after SSD?

The NEXTSTEP Mission:  To more clearly understand, by watching, critiquing, and participating in spiritually directing conversations, how the CATEGORIES OF UNDERSTANDING presented at the SSD can actually inform our thoughts, guide our words, and stir holy passion as we interact with others who long to know God better.

Graduates of the SSD typically leave the week with a richer understanding of how the Spirit of God moves Jesus-followers toward Jesus-likeness.  Feedback from graduates indicates that, for many, SSD encouraged both a paradigm shift or clarification in understanding spiritual direction and significant personal movement in becoming spiritually formed.

BUT: Many have expressed a desire to learn how to better “do” spiritual direction – (1) by actually doing it with supervision and (2) by extended opportunity to observe Larry provide live spiritual direction and to interactively discuss the conversations.

SO: our NewWay Ministries team has devised the following:

The NextStep Format

  • Same 7 day schedule as the SSD.
  • Larry will introduce the week with a review of the SSD. Four mornings (after a time of worship) he will present PRACTICAL KEYS to more effectively offering spiritual direction.
  • Throughout the week Larry will have live spiritually directing conversations with various individuals followed by class discussion and insight.
  • Four afternoon triad meetings will provide opportunity to practice using the practical keys.
  • One afternoon triad group meeting, with interactive insight and teaching, to be held with the Spiritual Directors.


NOTE: There will of course be significant time for teaching but the focus of the week will be more interactive and participatory.


Applying to attend the NextStep School Of Spiritual Direction

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