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Larry Crabb

Applying to Attend the NextStep School
of Spiritual Direction


  you have completed the School of Spiritual Direction;


  you desire to better understand how what you learned at SSD can rhythmically guide your conversations with people who long to know God as their supreme treasure and joy;


  you believe you would significantly profit from watching live spiritually directing conversations and participating in their critique;


  you long to bypass formulas, pat advice, religious cliché, and non-relational technique and instead follow the Spirit into the depths of another person with the life-giving passion and the revealed wisdom of Christ,


  I invite you to apply for NewWay Ministries NEXT STEP School of Spiritual Direction.

2014 NextStep Dates

November 14-21, 2014 (Fri-Fri)
The Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sold Out. Accepting Wait List Applications


NOTE: Only 30 applications will be accepted. There are more than 1,500 graduates of SSD eligible to apply. APPLY EARLY. All applications will be carefully reviewed upon receipt. Notification will quickly follow. When 30 applications are approved we will close the application process. No further applications will be reviewed.

Are you a NextStep Alumni and interested in attending again? We will accept NextStep Alumni applications 60 days prior to the start date of the NextStep. Please let us know that you are interested in attending again immediately so we can put you on a wait list. Sixty days, if not earlier, we will notify you if we have additional spots available and to begin the application process.

General Information

Glen Eyrie Castle
Glen Eyrie Castle

The week begins with the 6:00pm evening meal the first day and ends at 10:30am the last day. All sessions (unless noted) will be held at the Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs, otherwise The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, NC. Both The Glen and The Cove have arranged a remarkably reasonable rate for us which includes lodging, meals and snacks. Please note that all lodging must be onsite with no exceptions. The week is intense requiring your full focus from early morning until late evening.

The Glen:  If you plan to fly in, the Colorado Springs airport is about 30 minutes away. Denver International Airport is 1 1/2 hours away. Transportation to and from either airport will be the responsibility of each student.

Glen Eyrie Castle
The Cove

The Cove:  If you plan to fly in, the Ashville airport is about 20 minutes away. Charlotte International Airport is about 2 ½ hours away. Transportation to and from either airport will be the responsibility of each student.

Class Size

Class size is limited to 30 students. Again, we urge you to apply as soon as possible to insure space is available in the week of your choice.

Qualifications for Application:

  1. You must resonate with the four “IF’s” listed above.
  2. You must be an alumni of the School Of Spiritual Direction.
  3. You must be willing to meaningfully open yourself to the Spirit’s work in a week of intensive training.
  4. You need NO PRIOR TRAINING in spiritual direction, discipling, counseling, therapy, or theology. However, those with such training are more than welcome. The training will, we believe, prove highly beneficial (and perhaps paradigm-changing) to those already involved in intensive personal conversations, whether as disciplers, therapists, counselors, pastors, small group leaders, or just good friends.
  5. You must see yourself as desiring relational ministry at the level of soul care, and you must have reason to believe you are called to such a ministry, either at the lay, informal level or at a more professional level. 

Procedure for Application (2 steps):

  1. Write a letter (2-3 typed pages) answering two questions:
    • As specifically as possible, discuss: why do you want to go beyond the SSD and attend NextStep?
    • Discuss: What struggles/questions has the SSD left you with that you see as productive in your spiritual journey?
  2. Complete the application form for either 2013 or 2014; either mail or email the completed application along with the above information. (PDF fill-in Application Form INSTRUCTIONS)

2014 Tuition and Lodging:

$1,965 per person/double occupancy; includes all meals and snacks.

A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional $325.00.
Airfare and ground transportation are arranged for and paid for by the student, to and from either property.


A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 must accompany each application; application fee will be applied against tuition and lodging costs. (Please send a check via USPS or complete the downloadable credit card authorization form and return via fax or email.)

Application fee (due with each application): $100.00

Once your application is approved, 50% of your balance must be received no later than three months prior to the beginning of the NextStep SSD week in which you are enrolled. (Please send a check via USPS or complete the downloadable credit card authorization form and return via fax or email.)

Total due three months before course begins: $990.00

Remainder of tuition and lodging will be due six weeks before your week of training begins. (Please send a check via USPS or complete the downloadable credit card authorization form and return via fax or email.)

Total due six weeks before course begins: $875.00

SSD Tuition Assistance

Some tuition assistance is available. Assistance resources are limited. More information is available here.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation up to 61 days prior to the session you are scheduled to attend will result in a partial refund of $750.00 US. If your space can be filled, $1115.00 US will be refunded at a later date.

Academic Credit

Colorado Christian University offers 4 Continuing Education Units for this training. Cost for these CEU's is $35.00. Forms available at the school.

NextStep School of Spiritual Direction Application Form 2014 (PDF—fill in electronically)

    PDF fill-in Application Form INSTRUCTIONS

About the NextStep School of Spiritual Direction

For additional information or questions, contact us


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