New Way Ministries

Life on the Narrow Road

Saturday Event With Dr. Larry Crabb

A Day of Teaching with Dr. Larry Crabb, 9am-4pm

In this weekend conference, Dr. Larry Crabb will take a look at the seven most important questions we could ever ask, the seven questions God has chosen to answer in order to guide us to the narrow road and to show us how to travel that road to life.

Join us as we discover how to:

  • Unmask the deception that makes the broad road look good.
  • Understand how real men and real women walk the narrow road.
  • See how Life on the Narrow Road, with neither shortcuts nor formulas, lets us experience God and live like Jesus in every circumstances of life.

Come unpack the 7?’s:

  • Who is God?
  • What's He up to?
  • Who are we?
  • What's gone wrong?
  • What has God done about our problem?
  • How is God's Spirit moving today?
  • How do we follow the Spirit's movement in each other's lives?

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