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School of Spiritual Direction Statement

A Brief Statement on the NewWay Understanding of Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation

As we conceive it, Spiritual Direction is the process of exploring and understanding the interior world of another, recognizing both the work of the flesh and the work of the Spirit, and following the Spirit's work in transforming the person's interior world to become more like Christ.

  • Spiritual Direction moves deeply through the self-protective demands of the false self to discover and touch the holy and loving uniqueness of the true soul that lies beneath in every redeemed heart.
  • In simplest terms, the Spiritual Director follows the Holy Spirit in promoting spiritual formation.
  • Central to NewWay Spiritual Direction is the close attention paid to the inner life of Spiritual Directors, particularly the passion that rules his or her conversation with the directee.
  • The NewWay approach to Spiritual Formation deals with the internal dynamics of the soul that are normally thought to be the province of counseling and therapy.
  • Wisdom for understanding the human soul and encouraging Spiritual Formation is dependent on biblical anthropology, on what God reveals in His Word about people as fallen image bearers who can be restored through the provisions of the New Covenant. There is a NewWay to live.


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