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Larry Crabb
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About the Certificate in Spiritual Direction:
The Ministry of Healing

Dr. Larry Crabb and NewWay Ministries join with Christian University GlobalNet to offer a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.

A quick note from Larry Crabb:

Certificate in Spiritual DirectionThrough the writing of 66 Love Letters, my most recent book, God's Spirit has brought clear focus to the story God is telling through Christ. It has also become clear that His plan is to tell His story through ordinary people who join together in community to better know Jesus, to become more like Him and to make Him known to others. Ordinary people tell God's story well when they relate in ways that (1) shepherd each other when troubles develop and weariness grows and problems surface along the way and (2) provide healing from the insidious power of self-centeredness.

Christian University GlobalNet and our little team believe in organic community, where followers of Jesus affirm and arouse the life of Jesus placed in every Christian by the Spirit under the terms of the New Covenant and that they do so primarily by the way they relate to each other in everyday life. Therefore these courses are not intended to credential people for professional work.

Our vision is to call Christians to seize our Spirit-created and Spirit-empowered opportunity to engage in conversations that matter, to equip those who hear the call:

to heal people by freeing them from the controlling power of self-centeredness, their souls most serious and deadly sickness, through the ministry of conversational spiritual direction.

This ministry is designed to provided an ongoing and organic community, the Church, as the Spirit of God highlights opportunities for Spirit-prepared and Spirit-led people to engage in non-professional and deeply impacting conversations that matter, conversations that cooperate with the Spirit as He does His miraculous work of transforming struggling and sin-sick souls.

It is our prayer that this certificate will encourage and equip Christians to more intentionally become the community God sent Jesus and His Spirit to form.

Spiritual Direction: The Ministry of Healing

"Healthy people don't need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners and need to repent."
—Luke 5; 31, 32 (NLT)

Note: The Good Shepherd cares for His sheep as they face danger. The Great Physician heals people, not centrally of the emotional and personal damage done to them by others, but rather of their self-centeredness that can only be healed through repentance. As Shepherd, Jesus cares for us. As Physician, Jesus heals our sin-sickness. As we become like Jesus, we shepherd the struggling and heal the sinful, entirely in the power of God's Spirit.

1. The Vision

No One Unchanged
Broken and Hopeful. Repentant and Alive
Traveling the Narrow Road Together - Toward Life

2. The Model



    Providing Ongoing Encounter that Releases Christ's Life from One Soul into Another
  • BATTLE-SEEING DISCERNMENT With the Passion of Grace, Identifying Relational Sin in Another that is First Recognized in Oneself
  • SPIRIT-FORMING MOVEMENT Guiding Another to Walk Together through the Cycle of Spiritual Formation

3. The Value

  • The ministry of healing through conversational spiritual direction provides relational opportunities for people, over time, to discern their self-obsessed energy, to understand the devil-inspired influence of background events that have shaped their patterns of self-protective relating, and to recognize those patterns in their present relationships. As people experience brokenness over their self-centered, self-obsessed, self protective ways of relating, the hope of the Gospel of forgiveness stirs repentance that releases the life of Christ that is provided through the Gospel, under the blessing of the New Covenant. Brokenness stirs repentance that motivates abandonment to God which in turn develops confidence in God's goodness that then releases people into a new way to live, the way of Jesus.
  • The Certificate in Spiritual Direction prepares people to release the PASSION of Christ into others as they relate to others with the WISDOM of Christ. This PASSION/WISDOM understanding of spiritual direction is designed to provide non-professional, community-centered, relationally-focused direction in being more and more spiritually formed, as spiritually directing friends relate with
  • life-pouring connection
  • battle-seeing discernment
     and as they guide others into
  • Spirit-forming movement

Requirements for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction



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