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Requirements for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction: The Ministry of Healing

Dr. Larry Crabb and NewWay Ministries join with Our Daily Bread University to offer a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.

The following steps are required (IN ANY ORDER):

Step 1: Complete the SoulCare Foundations Curriculum offered through Our Daily Bread University. The four online courses taught by Dr. Larry Crabb each consist of ten half-hour video presentations. You must complete each certificate course (available by clicking directly on the course titles). The curriculum includes interaction with fellow students and course examinations. Upon completing the 4 courses, you may print an official Certificate of Completion from Our Daily Bread University for each course. The Certificates of Completion are to be presented to the registrar for the School of Spiritual Direction (described below) in order to qualify for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction. The cost is $9.95 per month, which includes unlimited access to all of the courses on the Our Daily Bread University site, including the SoulCare courses as noted below. The four SoulCare courses include:

SoulCare 101
SoulCare Foundations I: The Basic Model
Whether you call it "counseling," "pastoring," or just "being a friend" to someone in crisis or need, this course is an invaluable tool to enhance your personal or professional ministry. Popular author and speaker Dr. Larry Crabb will be your guide as you explore SoulCare Foundations I.

SoulCare 201
SoulCare Foundations II: Understanding People & Problems
In this second course in the SoulCare series, Dr. Larry Crabb offers you biblical insight into what is going on beneath the surface of our lives. You'll learn to distinguish between treating a damaged self versus restoring an empty soul. You'll also find that Christianity is not a broad road leading to a problem-free life. Instead, it's a narrow road that leads to real life, to satisfying soul-connection with God and with others.

SoulCare 301
SoulCare Foundations III: Provisions And Practices
Discover how you can turn everyday conversations into meaningful discussions that encourage spiritual transformation. As you take a closer look at the four kinds of conversations we have with others, under the teaching of Dr. Larry Crabb, you'll find that the Holy Spirit has given you the gifts and power you need to engage in meaningful, rich, and effective SoulCare.

SoulCare 401
SoulCare Foundations IV: Community-Where SoulCare Happens
In this fourth course in the SoulCare series, Dr. Larry Crabb suggests practical ways in which soul care can become a reality in your life. What does it mean to join others where they are and walk with them on the journey to the center of their hearts? Can soul care become a supernatural reality in our communities? These questions and more are discussed in this final course in the SoulCare series.

Step 2: Attend the one week School of Spiritual Direction offered by Dr. Larry Crabb and the NewWay Ministries team. For more information and dates click here.

Step 3: One of the Following—

Option 1: Attend the one week NextStep School of Spiritual Direction offered by Dr. Larry Crabb and the NewWay MinistriesTeam. For more information and dates click here.

Option 2: Lead at least one small group through The SoulCare Experience video curriculum based on the book SoulTalk, written by Dr. Larry Crabb. For more information or to order click here. (Group participants are required to complete a 'leader' evaluation form. Click here for evaluation form.)

Suggested but not required:

Read 66 Love Letters: A Conversation with God That Invites You Into His Story, by Dr. Larry Crabb, and complete assigned reflection paper. Click here for reflection paper.


  • Four Certificates of Completion for SoulCare I, II, III, IV
  • The SoulCare Experience leader evaluation forms (if applicable)
  • The 66 Love Letters reflection paper (if applicable)
  • And a check for $75.00 payable to NewWay Ministries

Please mail to:

Andi Sigler
NewWay Ministries
PO Box 393
Silverthorne, CO 80498

Upon receipt of your application, documents and payment we will process your paperwork and issue your Certificate in Spiritual Direction within 30 days.


This certificate will be awarded through NewWay Ministries, intentionally non-accredited by a recognized accrediting agency, and will serve as indication that those receiving the certificate have completed all required training and are prepared not for professional counseling (for therapeutic, psychological work) nor for vocational ministry, (though certificate holders may be equipped for vocational Christian ministry), but rather for organic, relational opportunities to engage in conversations that matter, that further the purposes of God in people's lives.


About the Certificate in Spiritual Direction

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