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The SoulCare Experience: A NewWay Course on Spiritual Friendship


A 12-lesson DVD course, complete with facilitator and study guides, explodes with insights into the process of Spiritual Formation and the language of SoulTalk- the essence and art of SoulCare.

  • Learn how to enter the lives of others and make a difference
  • Discover the real battle in the human soul between self-obsession and God-obsession
  • Understand the Spirit’s movement toward wholeness, and how to cooperate with the process

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Life on the Narrow Road

A weekend conference, an opportunity to discover the narrow road to real life that not many find. Explore the SEVEN QUESTIONS that God has chosen to answer in order to help us find and walk that road. Learn how real change from the inside out develops as we discern whether we’re on the road to life.

  • Unmask the deception that makes the broad road look good
  • Understand how real men and real women walk the narrow road
  • See how life on the narrow road, with neither shortcuts nor formulas, lets us experience God and live like Jesus in every circumstances of life

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Re-produced from VHS to DVD

Inside Out with study guide

Finding God with leader/study guide

Re-produced from Cassette to CD

The Safest Place on Earth

Silence of Adam


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